Julien Claes

Founder & CEO


Audrey Binet

Founder & Relationship/Communication Manager

Dandy coding

Dandy Coding

IT subcontractor (Ruby/Rails expert)

Julien Claes

Passionate by science and nature since early childhood, Julien started his research career in 2005 by studying white sharks in South Africa. He subsequently entered at the National Fund for Scientific Research of Belgium (FNRS) where he conducted an exciting eight-years research on deep-sea bioluminescent sharks. This research brought him to many countries around the world including Norway, Japan and Australia. Julien produced 20+ publications in top-notch scientific journals, made 30+ communications at international conferences and was awarded three prestigious prizes for research excellence. He has also been involved in science popularisation activities and is still invited lecturer at Université catholique de Louvain (UCL, Belgium).

Julien launched Ooverlab this year with Audrey Binet in order to meet the growing need for alternative research funding solutions. His primary duties include Ooverlab daily management and growth strategy. Julien and Audrey met at UCL in 2004 while sharing similar science courses.

Julien holds a Master in Biology (Magna cum Laude) and a PhD in Science from UCL. He also graduated a MBA from Louvain School of Management (cum Laude), two university certificates (GLPs/FELASA C-class, biostatistics) and a GMPs training (BioPharE project, Biowin).

In his free time, Julien enjoys travelling, scuba diving and playing tennis. He is also a voracious book reader and a chess fan.

Audrey Binet

Audrey has been working as a science writer for national Belgian newspapers (La Libre Belgique, Le Soir), the European Commission magazine, the FNRS magazine (FNRS news) and the popularisation website Reflexions of Université de Liège (ULg, Belgium). During this nine-years journalism experience, she had the chance to meet a large number of fascinating researchers across various disciplines. This allowed her to acquire a thorough knowledge of the world of research. Audrey is currently Account Research at UCL where she is implementing an innovative research communication strategy since September 2013.

Together with Julien, Audrey launched Ooverlab this year in order to apply the emergent collaborative economy principle to research activities. She is currently responsible for Ooverlab customer relationship management and communication.

Audrey holds a double Master in Biology and Journalism from UCL, both graduating cum Laude.

In her free time, Audrey enjoys travelling, horse riding and tennis. She also likes to spent quality time with her family.

Dandy Coding

Dandy Coding is a small IT company based in Mons (Belgium). Since 2009, this rising start-up has acquired an expertise in the development of high-quality mobile applications and websites. Conducting a permanent technological watch, Dandy Coding team provides his clients with agile project management tools and state-of-the-art IT solutions.

The company is currently responsible of Ooverlab IT development and maintenance.